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When we come together, we can achieve the impossible. Let’s unite for the fight against COVID-19.










Our Mission

Millions of people in our country are facing issues such as shortage of food, masks and medical supplies. We aim to accelerate the relief efforts in this situation.


NGO Support

It is essential that donations towards food and hygiene are channelled to the right places.
We bridge the gap between prospective donors and registered small scale NGOs by enabling efficient and transparent dialogue - all the while ensuring equitable distribution of funds.


All of us now have an alien disturbed routine, but maybe not the support to go through it.
If you wish to seek professional help regarding the state of your mental health, or even just talk to someone, we will get you a 30 minutes session with a professional for free!

Project Rozgaar

With the lockdown easing gradually, factories are facing a major problem - shortage of unskilled labourers.

We want to be a provider for the unemployed labour - thus making the transition easier for the businesses and the migrants.






NGOs have been connected with donors for essential supplies like food, medicines, hygiene products, etc.


Rupees have been raised and transferred to the appropriate NGOs or funds thus far


Stomachs have been filled so that the underprivileged and impoverished have one less thing to worry about


Masks have been acquired and distributed to prevent infection as well as inhibit further spread of the disease



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why IndiaAgainstCovid.org?

    We are connecting NGOs with donors through a transparent and efficient process.NGOs can list their requirements on our platform and can initiate a fast-tracked process of getting in touch with potential donors.

  • What does IndiaAgainstCovid.org do?

    We streamline donations to NGOs by bringing them in contact with donors.

  • I can donate. How do I contribute?

    You can go through the list of requirements by going to the contribute section and clicking on one of the 4 essential items to donate- ie food, hygiene products, PPE kits and medical supplies. Due to traffic movement restrictions, we encourage you to donate in cash. Although if your locality is near the area of donation feel free to go for in-kind donations.


The Post COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the way we live, work and learn. Unprecedented rapid change has been thrust upon us.

The role of the youth in the fight against COVID-19

COVID-19: Mankind’s greatest fear and fiercest competitor. Since the start of the outbreak, we have joined hands and fought against this virus.

Our Environment Breathes: Is Humankind the Real Virus?

A revitalization in the environment across the globe has quite clearly been in effect with the lockdown.

The Plight of Migrants during the Lockdown

Since the time of civilization, one thing which has been constant is the influx of humans to major cities for a better livelihood.

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