Terms of Service

India Against Covid (IAC) is a platform (“Platform”) initiated by a group of students (“Members”) amidst the widespread pandemic. The outbreak of Covid-19 has been staggeringly affecting our nation over a period of time. With this, social distancing has become a way of life and use of masks and face covers have turned into a luxury.

Our Aim/ Mission: In these times of difficulty, our aim is to ensure that each one adheres to the safety measures in order to contain the further spread of pandemic. We endeavour to reach out to maximum people, especially the poor/ below poverty line section of the society by helping them provide masks, sanitizers, face covers, food grains, medicines etc.

In pursuance of our aims, we are dependent upon the generosity of various donors and diligence of a number Non-Governmental/ Not-for-Profit Organizations who have come forward to contribute to such a movement in light of the spread of pandemic. Hence, IAC as an intermediary and with help of this Platform concatenates such NGOs with donors/ suppliers to achieve its objective.

Mechanism/ Functionality:

  • The Platform has tie up with certain NGOs.;
  • The NGOs may, in furtherance of their activities realize the requirements of the society from time to time;
  • Such requirements may be updated on the Platform with prior consent of the Members;
  • Thereafter, the prospective donors visiting the Platform shall have access to such requirements and may choose to donate for the same. Accordingly, the donors may have to provide basic personal details like their names, email-id, phone number etc.;
  • After due verification and confirmation by the Members, the Members shall cause the donors to be connected with the NGOs.
  • The Platform is not a party in any monetary transaction between the donors and the NGOs.

We further confirm that: - We are not an entity registered under any law; - There is no profit motive behind our aims and objects; - No activity in furtherance of our objects shall be deemed to be services provided by us or goods sold by us for profits.