Privacy Policy

The donors intending to donate through our Platform shall be referred to as “Users” under this Privacy Policy.

  • The Platform shall collect personal information of the Users which may include and be limited to the name, email-id, phone number of the Users (“Data”). The Platform will not collect and save sensitive personal information which may include details of payment instruments of Users or place of origin, etc.
  • We acknowledge that as an online Platform, we have certain responsibilities towards our Users. The Data shall be used and retained by the Platform only for the purpose of providing non-profit services in which the Platform is engaged. Data may be retained for such a period, as may be reasonably necessary to achieve the objectives.
  • The Data will be collected in an online form to which you will be directed once you choose to donate for any of the requirements of the NGOs listed on the Platform.
  • The Platform shall maintain a register/record of such Data in physical and/or electronic form, which shall be given confidentiality treatment at all times.
  • The Platform undertakes not to disclose the names of the Users and respective donations made by the Users to any third party.
  • The Platform further undertakes to take measures and best efforts to protect the Data from unauthorized or unlawful use. However, the Platform or the Members thereof do not undertake to compensate or be responsible for such unauthorized use for no fault of the Platform or Members of the Platform.