The role of the youth in the fight against COVID-19

COVID-19: Mankind’s greatest fear and fiercest competitor. Since the start of the outbreak, we have joined hands and fought against this virus.

During the course of this pandemic, we have truly seen things beyond anything we would have ever imagined we’d see in our lifetime. The unbelievably high number of deaths, the rising number of cases, the crashing economy, the pitiable conditions of the affected patients and the impact on their loved ones; all these factors have added up and contributed in creating one of the most challenging years humankind has ever had to face.

The youth of India constitutes more than ¼ of the colossal Indian population and we, as that youth are the future of our nation, the section of society with the freshest and most progressive ideas, and we must, hence, act accordingly in an attempt to eradicate this lethal virus. As the number of reported cases rise at a terrifyingly fast pace, that is just how fast the youth of today buckles up and takes up this fight head on, playing a huge role in taking adequate measures to spread awareness about this virus, not merely just to protect the world as it is today, but to save it from endangering more lives tomorrow.

What can YOU do?: To all the teens out there reading this, remember that it is never too late to make a difference. Although feeling trapped in our homes seems like an unpleasant thing, we can use this unique time responsibly by doing our best-

  • Following instructions: We must see the importance of being responsible in these tough times and listening to directives given by medical experts, in order to take good care of our community as well as to take strict preventive measures in this trying time, such as: spreading awareness to wear face masks, apply sanitizer, practise social distancing, self-quarantining ourselves and more.

  • Use of social media: As the youth, we have brought with us the digital age. The gizmos, the GEN-Z kids with tech savvy abilities. We must use our social media platform for the betterment of society by educating people with relevant information regarding this virus. The youth has already played an epic role in spreading the correct awareness about the virus on apt platforms such as: Instagram, Whatsapp, or even created independent websites that aim to give out relevant information about preventive measures to be taken and general awareness about the current global situation due to COVID-19.

  • Being digital citizens: Today, everything is accessible to us with merely the click of a button. This is why we must use our time responsibly as citizens of today and leaders of the future, to read up on news articles related to the virus and educate ourselves as well. There have already been various apps created for spreading awareness on COVID, like Aarogya Setu etc.

  • Making a tangible change: We should take up tasks like stitching together reusable face masks with recycled cloth, creating platforms solely meant for creating awareness on COVID, uploading informative and relevant videos that talk about the prevention and possible cures for COVID or even just simply sending around pertinent research articles to create a general conversation about the virus in an attempt to unite the country to fight against it, as one.

  • Supporting the elderly: Around 44% of the Indian population consists of senior citizens. Considering that Corona virus mainly affects the age bracket of 60 and above, we must put in an extra effort to ensure that they’re taken care of. As the youth, being the more able section of society, not to mention the ones with the most energy and zeal, it is our responsibility to take initiative to support the elderly and ensure their safety and care. The youth has already taken apt and sufficient measures already to protect that section and make sure that they are well taken care of. Various measures have already been taken that benefit the elderly like, pre-made grocery lists, ensuring that their medications are in place, practicing “social-distancing” with them, not “social-isolation”, setting up independent websites that look after the daily well-being on the elderly etc. Even something just as small as calling up a grandparent to chit-chat and check in will help make them feel more secure and less isolated.

Finally, it is important to always keep in mind that no step taken is too small or insignificant for every step we take today builds a brighter future for tomorrow. COVID-19 is today’s nightmare, and the future rests upon US, the youth, to wake us up from this deadly dream!

However, if we join hands as a community and come together as one, we can defeat this nightmarish threat to mankind. Stay safe, stay inside!

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