The Plight of Migrants during the Lockdown

Since the time of civilization, one thing which has been constant is the influx of humans to major cities for a better livelihood.

Or let's just say, the real green which keeps all on foot makes one leave their greener space; the money and there originates the 'migrants'. Who are they? And why do they have to even move knowing they have a sustainable living back in their hometown?

Quoting Michelle Obama, 'Everyday, you have the power to choose'; and that's exactly what a migrant does. They dream of a lifestyle which is beyond sustainable, which has privileges and freedom of outliving it.

History has witnessed various instances, where when the civilization is hit by a natural or a man-made calamity; the building blocks aka migrants take the first and the worst smack. The orderly lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus, is seen as no good and in order for migrants. Here are some of the major problems they have to fight with and not just the war against COVID-19:

1. No cash-flow

The only way the spread of virus can be curtailed is social distancing which led to shut down of almost all the industries giving daily wage workers a tough time making up to their daily earnings.

2. No basic amenities

Money is what made them earn their bread and butter. With little or no savings follows the painful saga of no basic amenities. The shelter costs a penny and food can't be ignored. And during this time of lockdown, with no wages to fulfill these needs has become a struggle for them.

3. Feeling homesick

While the skimmed population have their struggle of cabin fever, migrants have to make a tough choice of their existence at the given place they are. The choice of returning home to cut short splurges and most importantly to be with near and dear ones is hitting them the most.

4. Indefinite war

For the lockdown only seeing further more extensions, there is no light gleaming for them at the end of this. The insurance of when things would get back to a standard way of living is what they look for and see no answer to it.

The dilemma a migrant is going through can only be empathised with, for feeling their pain is even beyond imagination. And these tough times have made them take decisions which are judged upon with cruelty. Yes, the migrants weren't supposed to gather in thousands at Anand Vihar bus terminal in Delhi or at Bandra station in Mumbai. Because how can they disobey the law of lockdown and most importantly be a potent spread of virus for those who are actually following the lockdown seriously? But every coin has its two sides. With situations so scrape, and the only hope lying back at their hometowns, where else will they go and what else can they do?

And that's where India Against Covid Army pops in! We aren't warriors like frontline health workers, policemen, civic workers, journalists or anyone safeguarding us during this pandemic. To the unsettling thoughts seeing the plight of the migrants, we seek more empathy. No one wants to walk hundred miles down under the scorching sun with no food to eat and money in their pockets, then why should the migrants?

Let's ease their dilemma a bit. Make their current stay hopeful and optimistic. Let's donate. For we have to distance socially and not emotionally.