The Post COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the way we live, work and learn. Unprecedented rapid change has been thrust upon us.
The pandemic has not only caused innumerable casualties and grief, but has sent economies on a downward spiral too, as in this situation we begin to think about a post-COVID world.

The crisis hit so rapidly that numerous organizations were unprepared. As a result, many of the organisations get paralyzed. Overnight online learning became the norm and organizations scrambled to adapt, as education and professional learning, forcing them to stay at home.The wide boundless arc of the good life is now into a more focused domesticity. People are huddled at home, working from there, entertaining each other. The fear of contaminating andbeing contaminated keeps public life in check.With the number of reported coronavirus infections now touching 3145407 odd cases and 221823 confirmed deaths across 214 Westphalian entities at the time of writing, some reports said drugs to treat HIV too was being tried to treat the patients.However, there will be a Post Covid-19 world that no one is currently contemplating. What will it be like? Is the current pandemic the first inflection point of the 21st century? These are questions that need to be examined at some length.

Obviously NO, before this pandemic - There were many such subsequent events like "The First World War" from 1914-18, "The Second World War" from 1939-1945. Spreading of this coronavirus is certainly not the worlds first modern pandemic. There were different types of Flu spreads too duringthe 20th century. However, none of these were ever elevated to the level ofa geo-strategic event. Covid-19 is different because it is truly universal, with known cases in 214 countries and territories around the world. The most primitive form of disease prevention is "stay away from each other"-- social distancing that seems to be the only weapon available to governments. However talking about the economy, many areas of the global economy financial markets have felt the impact of this virus with most major indices, commodities, and currencies around the world seeing double-digit declines during the first seven days as per the WHO’s announcement.

As per TheEconomic Times, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the world is now in the pursuit of new business models and appealed to the country’s youth to take the lead in providing a new work culture and put India ahead of the curve in the post Covid-19 world. The PM also said that India, with the right blend of the physical and the virtual, can emerge as the "global nerve centre of complex modern multinational supply chains" in the post Covid world. "Every crisis brings with it an opportunity. Covid-19 is no different. Let us evaluate what might be the new opportunities or growth areas that would emerge now"- Modi said.